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Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) was established in 2013 as an ideell förening at a farm in Kivik, Sweden. Relocated in 2018 to Gamla Skofabriken (a former shoe factory) in Knislinge, MARC offers an environment for artistic research outside the context of the big city. We invite artists within the fields of choreography, dance, and visual artists with a relationship to performance to participate in residencies at the center year-round. Through the residency program, we provide a platform where performance practices, working modes, and methodologies are questioned, and new work is created and shared between artists and audiences. 


MARC is a hub for creation and exchange that actively fosters a dialogue between theory and practice, creativity and knowledge, and artists and communities through investigation in the field of performance. By pairing artists with mentors, colleagues, and the public, we aim to address the need for a platform where critical discourse is encouraged and cultivated. Our yearly programming includes workshops, sharing sessions, flag raisings, exhibitions, public interventions, dialogues, filmmaking, and performances. We strive to support our artists, partners, and network long-term, deepening our practice and engagement as an artist-driven organization to create sustainable pathways for independent and self-producing artists, artistic experimentation, and the community at large. 


Our facilities include: 

-One 300 square meter studio/performance space
-One 270 square meter studio/performance space
-One 70 square meter studio
-Four large apartments with separate bathrooms and kitchens, a laundry facility, and multiple common areas. 


Residencies are curated by artistic director Rachel Tess and a team of rotating associate curators. We welcome inquiries regarding residencies and ask artists to send an email introducing their artistic practice and project.


What is your project?
Why do you want to be at MARC?
Why would you like to work in Knislinge?
Who would you like to meet here?

If the project is appropriate for MARC the mail will be followed by an online meeting with our staff. Please mail with all residency inquiries.

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