MARC provides the opportunity for dance choreographers and practitioners to focus on specific research questions without the pressure of a final product. MARC has an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and welcomes other disciplines with a relationship to live performance to the center. Through the residency program MARC provides a platform where performance practices, working modes, and methodologies are questioned and new work is created and shared.  

With one indoor studio/performance space, living accommodations, and an inspiring landscape on 11 hectares of farmland at the edge of Stenshuvud National Park in Kivik, Sweden MARC provides a concentrated environment for artistic research. Three times a year we invite collaborators and individual artists to participate in up to one-month residencies at the center. Artists are invited to share their work at open-studio showings during the residency period.

Professional dancers, choreographers, and artists with a relationship to performance are eligible.

A panel of three artistic professionals chooses artists for the residencies each year with MARC artistic director Rachel Tess. The 2016/2017 artistic panel includes dancers Anna Pehrsson and Isaac Spencer, and visual artist Damien Gilley. Residencies are one-month long and take place throughout the year. Residents will be selected based on artistic merit and the specific character of their project in relation to MARC's mission. All 2016/2017 residencies will be curated internally by MARC’s director and artistic panel. Selected artists will be asked to complete a 1-2 page project description and complete an interview with a member of the MARC staff. MARC and the artist will develop an appropriate schedule for the proposed residency out of the needs of the artist and center. If you have interest in the center feel free to contact us for information regarding 2016/2017 residencies and an informal meeting with a staff member. For information about MARC Mentroship (for emerging artists), and All the Way (the exchange with Portland, Oregon), see below.

-70 square meter studio/performance space with doors leading on to the courtyard on two sides with the possibility for audience to view from outdoors seasonally
-sprung dance floor
-Projection, projection screen, and film editing equipment
-Sound system, speakers, mixer, standard DJ equipment 
-60 chairs for showings
-Standard/basic theatrical lighting equipment
-Wi-Fi in studio and living spaces
-one office space with work table
-one additional car for transportation locally or bicycles for up to 2 guests 

Resident artists are invited to share their work in free open studio showings throughout the residency period. These can be scheduled at the discretion of the artist/artists. Two showings are required per residency period, however additional showings can be scheduled as dictated by the nature of the research and project. The center will be responsible for scheduling, marketing, and production of the showings in consultation with the artist/artists.

MARC offers artists the gift of time and space at the boundary of one of Sweden's most pristine natural areas. Month-long residencies include housing, 24-hour access to the studio/performance space, the possibility to engage in daily farming activities, and one weekly meal as well as separate kitchen and bathroom facilities. MARC is built on a do-it-yourself model where artists will be responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food (aside from one weekly communal meal catered by MARC) as well as the maintenance of studio and living spaces. MARC currently has the capacity to house two artists in an additional house on site with kitchen and bathroom. For larger collaborations MARC partners with establishments in walking distance of the center for additional housing. MARC is committed to modifying the 100 square meter loft above the studio/performance space to accommodate artists year round in the future. These renovations will be considered in 2017. Resident artists will receive specifics regarding transportation and maps of the area upon notification that they have been awarded a residency. .

The region of Skåne has the unique geographic privilege of being Scandinavia's staircase to continental Europe. With two airports in close proximity to the center, MARC has the capacity to nurture relationships with artists from the international artistic community by offering an inspiring working environment in a pristine natural setting.  

Invited artists are encouraged to interact with local artists, arts organizations, youth, elder care, and schools within the region and kommun as dictated by the specific character and goals of their projects and to the degree that they choose. There is no formal requirement but the center is happy to set up collaborations with the community and local artists at the discretion and request of the resident artist/artists. 

In 2015 MARC initiated the project MARC Mentorship in response to a growing need for residencies and mentorship of emerging artists within the field of dance. This includes artists recently graduated from higher education programs as well as artists transitioning from work within large institutions. The residency has the same conditions as the regular residencies (see conditions above) but also includes a mentor for one week of the working process. The mentor is chosen in dialogue with the artist and out of the needs of the project. MARC accepts applications for this residency throughout the year. See HUE on the Residents and Events page for an example of a mentorship residency.

ALL THE WAY, is an exchange between Sweden and Portland, Oregon (USA). The program was created to stimulate an exchange of ideas between the two locations. In May, 2016 we have invited Portland choreographer Gregg Bielemeier to join us at MARC. In 2017 a selected MARC artist alumni will travel to Portland, Oregon to complete an additional residency at a partner organization. Stay tuned for updates on this collaboration.